Weight Loss Clinic Tampa

Are you tired of struggling to lose weight on your own? Discover how Hollywood Body Wraps in Tampa, Florida, can help you successfully shed those extra pounds. By offering personalized plans, professional supervision, and ongoing support in losing weight together, our team of professionals are transforming lives one pound at a time. Continue reading, and let us guide you on your journey to weight loss.

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ThermaSculpt is a new, revolutionary fat removal technology that does NOT involve surgery – there is no need for anesthetics, no hospital stay or time off work. ThermaSculpt utilizes a five part non-invasive technology including: Biocurrent, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Lymphatic Vacuum, Tripolar and Radio Frequency components. This allows for non-invasive removal of stubborn fat deposits that never seem to disappear no matter of your diet or how hard you work out.

This treatment targets cellulite, aging skin, as well as stretch marks and scars! The most common problematic body areas include: abdomen, “love handles”, thighs, buttocks, inner knees, upper arm and bust.

Generally one Thermasculpt treatment lasts 30 minutes depending on the size of the area and the thickness of the fat layer. 72 hours must pass between each session so that the body can eliminate the fat. Most of the guests experience 2 to 6 cm of circumference reduction after a single session, with increasing results after each visit. Proper diet and increased physical activity will certainly improve and help to maintain the results.

Different levels of Ultrasonic Cavitation liquefies fat within the fat cell, when fat is in liquid form it is able to escape the fat cell, it is then absorbed by the lymphatic system and drained from the body with maximum results showing in 14 days. Most patients see visible results after 1 or 2 treatments.

*Even though the studies have proven the treatment safe, ThermaSculpt is not to be used on guests with an acute illness, compromised liver function, severe bleeding tendencies, pace makers, or during pregnancy.

Benefits include:

  • Improve blood circulation & lymphatic circulation
  • Improve skin texture
  • No pain
  • Remove fat cells permanently
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Tightening and lifting areas of the face
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Enhances luminosity of the skin
  • Increase collagen level


Hollywood Body Wraps is proud to be the first in Tampa Bay to announce the latest technology in health and fitness… ElectroTherapy. Previously available in Beverly Hills , New York and Overseas, Electrotherapy is now available in Tampa Fl. Celebrities such as Meg Ryan, Michelle Pfeiffer, Uma Thurman and Liv Tyler have used the electro body sculpting treatment for:

  • Toning muscles
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Weight loss
  • Increasing circulation
  • Toxin release

This breakthrough treatment uses electro-stimulation to attack fat at the cellular level.

Safe and fast acting, electro body sculpting will help you get stunning and measureable results.

Build strong, defined muscles with our non-invasive, non-surgical treatment.

The Therapy

We are committed to your health and wellbeing. Our computerized Electro Therapy restores a firm, toned body and helps you lose weight in an effective, fast, but healthy manner. We want you to feel good about how you look, live your life with confidence, health and inner strength.

Our treatment helps you lose weight because it improves your blood circulation, and stimulates the lymph glands. Electro Therapy is not a gimmick; it is used in medicine by many sports, doctors, urologists and physiotherapists to strengthen damaged and withered muscles.

Other advantages are relief from symptoms related to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lower back problems, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, low energy levels, insomnia, obesity, low sexual libido and other stress related disorders.

Consultations are held with experienced, qualified and caring therapists. You can be sure to achieve your goals of body sculpting while also gaining muscle tone and reducing cellulite.

It sounds amazing, but in a 60 minute totally private electro therapy session your body’s muscles will do the equivalent of a 6 hour workout. You give us your body and relax while we do the work for you … the equivalent of 600 sit-ups, 600 leg-lifts and 600 push-ups!

The Treatment Program

During a 6 week course you will be measured on a regular basis so you can keep track of your quick and outstanding results! If you have tried every diet that guarantees instant weight loss and the thought of stepping into a gym sends shivers down your spine then Instafirm’s Electro Body Sculpting is just for you!

The Little Black Dress

Includes: One Hour Slimwave Electro Body Sculpting Session, the “Dream Body” wrap, & a 30- Ionic Cleanse
Need help fitting into that special outfit, wedding dress or swimsuit?? This is perhaps the most profound combination of state-of-the-art techniques to achieve your goal. We start with a powerful Electro Body Sculpting Session (electrical muscle stimulation with specific programming for deep fat burning, muscle toning and cellulite/surface fat burning) then take you to one of our wrap rooms and wrap you in our most effective mineral solution, the “LA Slim Wrap” . You will then have a dreamy session in an Infrared Blanket (burn up to 1200 calories while you relax) along with a 30 Ionic Cleanse. You will be amazed at how much lighter, tighter and toned you feel afterwards!!!!!

Please allow 2 ½ Hours for this procedure

Power Plate – vibration therapy

Vibration Therapy engages fast-twitch muscles which use fat for energy (unlike large muscle groups which use sugars for energy). Simply standing on the vibration machine will help build muscle mass, increase bone density, aid in circulation & digestion, and assist in draining the lymphatic system. 10 minutes of vibration therapy is said to be as effective as 50 minutes at the gym. Madonna uses the exact same machine!!

As featured on the Dr’s and Tyra. Now you can come experience this machine yourself.
Get in shape without perspiration, heart tempo alteration or muscle tiredness.
The Power Plate machine has been developed based on technology from Nasa.
Now, instead of spending 2 hours in the gym, you can get the same effect in just 10 minutes.

When a muscle fiber is stretched, it contracts by reflex (stretch reflex). By simply standing barefoot on the machine, vibration is generated and sent through your body, which passively stretches your muscles. This causes millions of muscle contractions, which increases muscle tone and size. As muscle density increases, your metabolic rate goes up, as an increase in muscle mass requires more energy.

Because whole body vibration is a “passive” exercise, neither perspiration nor lactic acid is generated. What this means for you is no increase in your heart rate, no need for a shower after, and no achy muscles the following day! Research has demonstrated that a 10-minute whole body vibration workout, barefoot but in the clothes you are wearing during your busy day, delivers the equivalent of an hour of weight training in a gym.

However, unlike the time-consuming health club workouts that concentrate on a specific muscle group, whole body vibration exercises muscles in the entire body. Try it to believe it! Take the Challenge.

Key benefits:

  • just 10 minutes per day to achieve results
  • promotes weight loss
  • relax and invigorate the whole body, improves circulation and increases blood oxygenation
  • Decreased diastolic blood pressure
  • Decreases level of Cortisol (hormone released when we’re under stress)
  • Increases muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion
  • effortlessly burns fat, tones abdominal muscles, trims waist
  • no sweat, step up and go system, fit for all adults (as with any exercise, consult your physician before starting)
  • regular use helps in the process of digestion and bowl movement, effective for people with constipation problems
  • reduce muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up
  • Reduces back pain and stiffness
  • Reducing the effects of stress and treatment of stress incontinence
  • Tones flabby thighs for more shapely legs, reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Relieves aching calves, tones and shapes of calf muscles and reduces the appearance of varicose veins
  • Gentle on Joints, Low Impact Training
  • Improves Stability, enhances Rehabilitation
  • Boosts Metabolism, burns more calories
  • Increase in Bone Density
  • Increase HGH levels
  • huge platform for whole body support

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Short summary

  • Top-rated weight loss clinic Hollywood Body Wraps offers tailored services and long-term support for lasting success.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness, safety, sustainability, and cost of a successful program to promote healthy habits.

Hollywood Body Wraps – top weight loss clinic in Tampa

Weight Loss Clinic Tampa

Tampa is home to several highly-rated weight loss centers and clinics, making it an ideal place for those seeking professional help in achieving their weight loss goals. Among the top clinics are Hollywood Body Wraps.

Our weight loss centers offer unique programs designed to promote weight loss while addressing individual needs and challenges. Our weight loss program focuses on tailoring these programs to ensure the best results for each client.

What we offer

At Hollywood Body Wraps, we’re always looking for ways to provide our clients with the latest treatments that will help them reach their body goals. We want you to look and feel your best! That’s why we offer a variety of body-sculpting treatments, including non-invasive BBL treatment and Mineral Body Wraps and more.

Non invasive BBL treatments

Our Non-Invasive BBL Treatment is an innovative process and revolutionary technology that can effectively treat wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, broken capillaries, rosacea and more – all without any surgery or downtime! The intense light energy delivered by the BroadBand Light gently heats up the upper layers of skin in order to trigger natural regenerative processes, leaving your skin looking brighter and smoother.

Mineral body wraps

Our Mineral Body Wraps harness the ancient power of mineral-rich clay to help detoxify and firm your body. Through this process, you can not only reduce the appearance of cellulite but also improve circulation and metabolism and flush out toxins and fat that have built up in your system. The results are noticeable after just one treatment session!

ThermaSculpt service

ThermaSculpt is a revolutionary new body treatment that offers amazing results. This innovative procedure combines radiofrequency energy with massage techniques to help reduce fat cells in the treated area, tighten skin, and boost collagen production for a smoother, firmer look. Plus, it’s virtually painless!

The best part about ThermaSculpt is that it provides long-term results. After just one session, you can expect to see a noticeable slimming of the treated area with improved skin texture and tone. But the benefits don’t stop there! With regular treatments, you’ll continue to enjoy visible results over time as your body adjusts to the new shape and structure of your physique.

Lipo laser treatments

At Hollywood Body Wraps, we offer lipo laser treatments that are non-invasive, fast, and effective. Our advanced lipo laser technology targets fat cells underneath the skin. It then uses low-level lasers to breakdown these cells without damaging surrounding tissue or muscles.

This makes it a much safer and more precise method than traditional liposuction. In just 30 minutes, you will be on your way to having a slimmer, smoother figure. Plus, treatment is completely painless and there is no downtime, which means you can get back to your normal routine right away.

Evaluating weight loss success

Weight Loss Clinic Tampa

Our BBL treatment is an excellent, non-invasive way to achieve long-term weight loss success. It works by using laser energy to target and destroy fat cells in the body, resulting in a slimmer appearance. BBL also helps reduce cellulite and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful look. In addition, it stimulates collagen production in the skin, leading to tighter and firmer skin tone.

Many people have seen significant improvements in their weight loss goals after receiving BBL treatments. Patients report that they feel more confident about their bodies and have achieved quicker results than with dieting or exercising alone.

The procedure has also been linked to improved self-esteem due to its ability to make you look better both physically and mentally. Weight loss success with BBL treatments has been long-lasting for many patients, meaning that you can enjoy the benefits of a slimmer and more youthful appearance and lose weight, for an extended period of time.

When evaluating the success of a weight loss program, when it comes to our procedures, it is important to consider several factors, such as diet, the development of healthy habits and lifestyle changes that can be sustained in the long term, positively influencing hormonal stability.

The efficacy of the procedures is dependent on the individual’s aims, habits, health and dedication.

Addressing common weight loss challenges

Weight Loss Clinic Tampa

Weight loss can be challenging due to cravings for junk food, difficulty tracking caloric intake, lack of motivation, limited time, and experiencing plateaus in weight loss progress, which can lead to weight gain. Our medical and wellness professionals can help address these challenges for weight loss patients by offering quality MedSpa treatments, procedures, as well as ongoing support, from our medical and wellness professionals who can assist in encouraging weight loss objectives.

By providing tailored solutions and guidance, Our medical weight loss center clinic presents the weight loss journey as a viable alternative to appetite suppressants, hormone replacement, and other weight loss programs.

The benefits of medical weight loss

Weight Loss Clinic Tampa

Medical weight loss can offer numerous health and wellness benefits, such as medically supervised treatments, tailored treatments, instruction, and sustained success. For those who have experienced difficulty trying to lose or maintain your goal weight, our services are worth exploring.

Medically administered treatments involve a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications tailored to the individual’s needs and medical history even after their procedure.

Med spa treatments vs weight loss program

Med spa treatments offer a way to improve your body’s appearance without the need for restrictive dieting within Garcia weight loss programs and other harsh weight loss alternatives. Unlike diets, which require you to give up certain foods or severely restrict your caloric intake, med spa treatments provide targeted solutions that can help enhance your natural beauty without any of the sacrifice associated with the HCG diet and other traditional diet programs.

From laser skin resurfacing and liposuction to injectable fillers and fat-dissolving, med spas offer a wide range of popular services that can help shape, contour, and eliminate stubborn pockets of fat from areas like the abdomen, hips, and thighs. Our treatments are performed in-office by our experienced professionals in a safe and sterile environment, so you can trust that you’ll get the results you want without compromising your health.

At our med spa, we believe in providing treatments that give you natural-looking results while still preserving the integrity of your blood pressure and body. Our highly-trained staff will take the time to understand your goals and create a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to meet your needs. We strive to make sure our patients feel comfortable and relaxed during every step of their treatment journey, so they walk out feeling confident and beautiful.

Additional services to help lose weight

Weight Loss Clinic Tampa

Tampa weight loss clinics like ours offer a wide range of services to help clients achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. In addition to their weight loss programs, these clinics provide customized weight loss solutions, non-surgical weight loss programs, medical-grade supplements and vitamins, and comprehensive medical weight loss treatment plans. With teams of specialists, such as bariatricians and dietitians, patients can trust in the expertise of these clinics to guide them on their weight loss journey.

Other services provided by Tampa weight loss clinics include individualized treatments tailored to meet the unique needs of the patient, and tools such as customized diet plans, exercise plans, and lifestyle modifications that can help with maintaining weight as well as adrenal fatigue.

Our clinics also offer medical-grade supplements that can help promote the body’s natural weight loss processes, ensuring clients receive the support they need to reach their weight loss goals.

Choosing the right clinic

Weight Loss Clinic Tampa

When selecting a weight loss clinic, it is crucial to evaluate all the staff and clinic’s credibility, the qualifications of the personnel, the available programs, and the associated costs. At Hollywood Body Wraps, we focus on steady weight loss and offer support for maintaining the lost weight after providing our procedures.

Check our our client testimonials, as well and seek advice from one of our many certified professionals. Monitoring your progress and seeking support from your doctor and those in your life circle can also help ensure you choose Hollywood Body Wraps for your needs.

At Hollywood Body Wraps, we believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping you achieve the look you’ve always wanted, whether it’s through Non-Invasive BBL Treatment or our Mineral Body Wraps leaving all our clients forever grateful. Schedule an appointment with us today to get started on your journey towards a healthier and more beautiful version of yourself!

Frequently asked questions

What is the average cost of Medi weight loss?

On average, Medi-Weightloss programs cost around $1,200 for 14 weeks of treatment, including the initial consultation fee and weekly check-in fees.

This cost can be higher depending on the clinic you attend, but may be offset by some health insurance plans.

What are the top weight loss clinics in Tampa?

If you’re looking for the best weight loss clinics in Tampa, look no further than Hollywood Body Wraps, our weight loss and aesthetic centers have all received glowing reviews from customers.

At Hollywood Body Wraps we offer a variety of services, including body-sculpting treatments, non-invasive BBL treatment and Mineral Body Wraps plus more.

What is a bariatrician?

A bariatrician is a doctor that has special expertise in treating obesity and related illnesses. They are well-versed in nutrition, exercise, diet, lifestyle modifications, and other forms of weight management.

As a result, they provide comprehensive care to help their patients reach healthy goals.

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