The Original Slim Wrap


Are you feeling stressed, sick or lethargic lately? These can be signs of a toxic body. Our Hollywood Body wraps can help!
Stress can cause a lot of problems, on your body and how you feel every day. For example,but not limited to;Easily Angered,Muscle tension,Sweaty hands,Anxiety,Irritability,Sleep problems,Lack of concentration, Water retention,Inflammation,Headaches,Migraines- Weight gain and much more.

Did you know that our body wraps contain high grade minerals, which help detox your body and helps lower your stress levels.

Great For men, women, and children . Call today and experience our Authentic Mineral body wraps the same ones Tara banks, Ellen DeGeneres and Kim’s Zolciac had done.

Don’t be fooled by others claiming to offer Slim wraps we are the only spa in Tampa and Lakeland who offers the original Slim Wrap. ( We would also like to educate our Fans on many applicators out there being sold and claiming to have all natural ingredients, when you look at the ingredients look up BHT that is not a natural ingredient it’s actually highly toxic.

We have been approached to sell there products, which many times we have refused! Every time we are apporached, we bring to these sellers attention about their ingredient. The sellers will overlook the ingredients, all they want to do is SELL there Junk! At our Hollywood Body wraps, we don’t sell junk!)

With our Slim Wrap you are NOT only Guaranteed to Lose 6-20 inches in 1 Hour, but you also get a Detox that continues while reducing more inches, and it continues for a few days!

Check out our website OR come try one yourself. Hollywood Body wraps 813-445-1239 OR 863-687-9727

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