Don’t Be Fooled by Imitators

I hear it all to often and it saddens me that people don’t educate themselves enough to make an educated decision. We have clients that come to us after buying these home applicators that the vendors are calling Body Wraps…I’m not really sure when an applicator became a Body Wrap! one of My clients has a fatty liver and after being convinced to try one my client winded up Bloated and sick… after almost 4 hours in the ER and a whole week of feeling out of it…the Vender refused to refund and cancel her membership.

She told us after 4 months of fighting it,she was able to get the company to cancel her membership, but she never recovered the money that was lost.
My client stated, when she was first introduced to these so called at home Body Wraps (applicators) She was told by her sales person ( a friend) that these are the same as what we offer….wow!! how misleading…please watch the video I posted on here and see… we don’t apply an applicator on your body.

We use High grade In Organic Minerals for better absorption!
best Minerals you can use…yes! they do cost more because of there Pure Grade. minerals that are from 200 to 2,000 times smaller than metallic minerals. According to several well-known scientists, some of the minerals in plant-derived minerals may be no larger than 0.0001 micron. This small size permits them to be absorbed through the skin or by the hair shaft. So spread the word — plant-derived minerals are far superior to other mineral forms because they are water soluble and easier for your body to assimilate and absorb.

Please all i ask is to stay educated and ask questions.