Despite working out and eating right, I
have continued to have difficulty losing
fat in my problem areas (thighs and ab). After
following Hollywood Body Wrap’s recommendations
I have made progress.
The ladies know their stuff and their
customer service has been above my expectation.
I highly recommend their services!
-K Mendoza”For years I have tried different diets and
exercise programs. I had these “saddlebags”
on my hips and by my second wrap I saw
substantial results. It was amazing!”
– D. Miller
“My friend & I tried your wraps for the first
time, We were both doubting what the
results would be. However, we were both
pleasantly surprised! I am so excited! Plus it
keeps working even after it’s done!
– N. Beck




“After only a few wraps, the appearance of
cellulite has almost disappeared!”
– E Leonard
for this wonderful body wrap. I have lost my
flabby stomach from being pregnant. I look
and feel younger, firmer, and thinner. My
stretch marks are really fading and my
energy has returned.”
– R. Sage
“I’m a size 4 so, I didn’t think that I would
see a big difference. I did 2 wraps back to
back and my results were amazing!
– K. Taylor
“Yes, this Body Wrap does work for men. I
lost 8 inches from my stomach in just one
wrap. My wife lost 6 inches off her tummy
and her double chin”
– John
“I’ve been doing the body wrap once a week
for 2 months. I’ve lost a clothes size, the
cellulite in my thighs has greatly
diminished, and my skin feels so smooth
and refreshed after the wrap. I’ve tried other
body wraps and this one was very
different…Thank you
I’m hooked on this body wrap, it is now a
part of my weekly regime.”
Jessica Boone. Age 38

 After having my twins and being told that I
spacandles-1-490x490would never lose the belly fat. I became very
discouraged, until a friend of mine introduce
me to your wraps, I could not believe it after
just two wraps I lost a total of 11 inches
around my stomach. Thank you so much!”
-Nancy T

I’ve always been self-conscious about the
cellulite on my legs. After experimenting
with so many products that didn’t work, I’m
so glad I tried your slim body wrap.
Even after just one , the difference
was amazing. And the more I do it, the
better it gets. Your wrap has given me
such renewed confidence that I’ve told every
woman I know about it. For the first time in
my life, I’m looking forward to summer!”
-Leslie Ann Guliee

“Natural” Full-Body Restoration – I have known Dalia since her early days in this industry. As a matter of fact, I’m the first ‘male’ that she ever wrapped. I found her while investigating the benefits of the Body Wraps. I have been in the Air Force for over 20 years and at that time had suffered a knee injury that forced me to eliminate routine exercise during rehab. Dalia took the time to thoroughly explain to me the different types of wraps and the benefits of each. The results of the first series of mineral wraps were amazing…I was back within Air Force “standards” almost immediately! Even my wife noticed the immediate affect the wraps had on my body.                                                      –Bowzer88: CitySearch


Christy was my technician and she was extremely helpful and rushed to hand me my phone when it rang, ensured I had cold water, etc. I look forward to my next visit.                                                                                                                                                                 -Anonymous


I wanted to say how pleased I was with Teresa at Hollywood Body Wraps in Lakeland. I was preparing for 2 bodybuilding contests and wanted to get more abdominal definition and to tighten some loose skin around the navel area. I did 3 Cavi Lipo sessions and some RF sessions and was more than pleased.
I placed first in my age group in a 4 county contest in Lakeland and third in a statewide contest in Tampa.
I would unconditionally recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their appearance                                                                            -Thomas B.:CitySearch


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