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**Note all times below are approximate Total appointment times** 

*Prices are subject to change** ALL PACKAGES EXPIRE IN 90 Days. Groupon expires in 60 days** No Exceptions!

Slim Wrap
$179.00(Full Body)
  • You can expect to lose 6 to 20 inches in your first wrap, tighten and tone skin, reduce stretch marks,smooth ugly cellulite, increase energy and enjoy a healthy, refreshed feeling.
  • 80 mins.


Body Lift Wrap
$225.00(Anti-Age Full Body Wrap)
  • Developed for those who need maximum skin tightening, this body wrap focus on greater inch loss through a rapid and intense cleansing.our most popular body wrap among clients who have recently lost weight,have loose skin from weight loss and aging
  • 80 mins.
Belly Buster
$155.00(Belly Only)
  • Healing and revitalizing- Burn up to 600 calories/ no inch loss guarantee! 
  • 90 mins.
Express Body Wrap
$155.00(Under Bust to Knee)
  • This wrap concentrates on the targeted areas below the bust line to the knee. No measurements taken there for No inch loss Guarantee.
  • 70 mins.

body treatments

$225.00(1 Area)
  • Non-Invasive Lipo, On average, a reduction of 2 cm to 4 cm of circumferential measurement per treatment is expected. The number of treatments required varies, but we recommend six to twelve treatments per treated area once per week.
  • 30 mins.


Cellulite Treatment
  • Our Cellulite Treatment is an intense treatment and must be done before a Body Wrap. We prep the treated area and add special Gels before starting your body wrap.This treatment will not work by itself.must be followed by a body wrap.
  • 20 mins.
Power Plate
$15.00(Full Body Vibration)
  •  Get in shape without perspiration, heart tempo alteration or muscle tiredness. Now instead of spending 2 hours in the gym, you can get the same effects in just 10 minutes.

  • 10 mins.

Slim Wave
$89.9930 min
  • EMS enables natural exercise safely and effortlessly to create slenderness, inch loss,firmness and strength

Slim Wave + Infrared
$168.0045 min

  • EMS enables natural exercise safely and effortlessly to create slenderness, inch loss,firmness and strength with our infrared blanket burn up to 1400 calories while toning with our Electro Body Sculpting.

The Little Black Dress
$2992 1/2 hrs
  • Need help fitting into that special outfit, wedding dress or swimsuit?? This is perhaps the most profound combination of state-of-the-art techniques to achieve your goal. We start with a powerful Electro Body Sculpting Session (electrical muscle stimulation with specific programming for deep fat burning, muscle toning and cellulite/surface fat burning) then take you to one of our wrap rooms and wrap you in our most effective mineral solution, the “LA Slim Wrap” . You will then have a dreamy session in an Infrared Blanket (burn up to 1200 calories while you relax) along with a 30 Ionic Cleanse. You will be amazed at how much lighter, tighter and toned you feel afterwards!!!!




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