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Vibration Therapy engages fast-twitch muscles which use fat for energy (unlike large muscle groups which use sugars for energy). Simply standing on the vibration machine will help build muscle mass, increase bone density, aid in circulation & digestion, and assist in draining the lymphatic system. 10 minutes of vibration therapy is said to be as effective as 50 minutes at the gym. Madonna uses the exact same machine!!

As featured on the Dr’s and Tyra. Now you can come experience this machine yourself.

 Get in shape without perspiration, heart tempo alteration or muscle tiredness. 
The Power Plate machine has been developed based on technology from Nasa. 
Now, instead of spending 2 hours in the gym, you can get the same effect in just 10 minutes.

When a muscle fiber is stretched, it contracts by reflex (stretch reflex). By simply standing barefoot on the machine, vibration is generated and sent through your body, which passively stretches your muscles. This causes millions of muscle contractions, which increases muscle tone and size. As muscle density increases, your metabolic rate goes up, as an increase in muscle mass requires more energy.
Because whole body vibration is a “passive” exercise, neither perspiration nor lactic acid is generated. What this means for you is no increase in your heart rate, no need for a shower after, and no achy muscles the following day! Research has demonstrated that a 10-minute whole body vibration workout, barefoot but in the clothes you are wearing during your busy day, delivers the equivalent of an hour of weight training in a gym.
However, unlike the time-consuming health club workouts that concentrate on a specific muscle group, whole body vibration exercises muscles in the entire body. Try it to believe it! Take the Challenge

Key Benefits:

-just 10 minutes per day to achieve results
-promotes weight loss
-relax and invigorate the whole body, improves circulation and increases blood oxygenation
-Decreased diastolic blood pressure
-Decreases level of Cortisol (hormone released when we’re under stress)
-Increases muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion
-effortlessly burns fat, tones abdominal muscles, trims waist
-no sweat, step up and go system, fit for all adults (as with any exercise, consult your physician before starting)
-regular use helps in the process of digestion and bowl movement, effective for people with constipation problems
-reduce muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up
-Reduces back pain and stiffness
-Reducing the effects of stress and treatment of stress incontinence
-Tones flabby thighs for more shapely legs, reduces the appearance of cellulite
-Relieves aching calves, tones and shapes of calf muscles and reduces the appearance of varicose veins
-Gentle on Joints, Low Impact Training
-Improves Stability, enhances Rehabilitation
-Boosts Metabolism, burns more calories
-Increase in Bone Density
-Increase HGH levels
-huge platform for whole body support



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