Ionic Cleanse Foot Detox

Why do I need to detox for health?When your body works, your life works!

“It’s what we think we know that just isn’t so and keeps us stuck where we’re

Experts in environmental medicine tell us that we are burdened with toxic overload from our Modern World! How do these affect you… and what can you do about it?

Types of Toxins?

Cell phones, pollution, exhaust fumes, chloride in water, prescriptions & chemicals in water, pesticides, make-up, petroleum in lotion, formaldehyde in new clothes, glues, molds in your house & more! Pollution is killing us and decreasing our brain and nerves and health! Get clean today!
What symptoms come from toxins?
You could have headaches when working under florescent lights or in front of computers or a number of other symptoms like: fuzzy memory, a bad mood, stomach aches, belching, needing antacids, flatulence, fatigue, low energy, general joint and muscle pain, eczema, hives, water retention, asthma and/or allergies. These are signs your body can’t adapt to your current level of environmental exposure. We can help.

Our bodies have their own electromagnetic field (just like a magnet) and should be synchronized with the natural rhythms of the earth. This occurs without you thinking about it when your natural detoxing system is working right.
The Detox Footbath is one of the safest detoxification processes to clean your lymph and entire body system. It’s comfortable, sanitary, quick, efficient, easy and scientific.

The Detox Footbath is one of the safest detoxification processes to clean your lymph and entire body system. It’s comfortable, sanitary, quick, efficient, easy and scientific.

it only works If it’s done right!

What is a typical footbath detox session?
You immerse your feet in water for between 20-30minutes (depends on the type of session) as positive and negative ions are emitted by the detox system. This re-energizes & rebalances the cells in your body and blood, so toxins are excreted during AND after the treatment via the kidneys, liver, bowels and skin for 24 to 48 hours. This detox works at the cell level. You’re only as healthy as your sickest cell!

The ion foot detox unlocks free radicals from your cells. This treatment provides a full-body gentle purge of all cells in your vital organs. Within 3 to 12 sessions, expect to see a reduction in menopause symptoms, menstrual cramps, sexual health problems, skin problems, acne, sleep problems, restlessness, stress, toothaches, wrinkles, aches and pains and yeast infections. And when you combine these sessions with updates in your lifestyle- you can prevent future problems and even reduce the effects of aging.

Additionally, detoxing this way assists your body heal faster from disease and injury by neutralizing by reverse osmosis tissue acid.

How often should I detoxify?
The longer you’ve had the symptoms you want relief from- the more sessions you’ll need. If you’re just trying it- we recommend once a week for at least 6 times. If you’re seeking relief from symptoms you’ve had longer than 1 year- we recommend a 3 month period where 12-15 sessions are conducted, at a frequency of 2 times per week.
Your body will form new detoxifying “habit,” and this takes at least 2 months to develop. The more closely you follow our recommendations, the more likely you’ll notice changes within just a few treatments. Remember, that the body continues to detox for 24-72 hours after each session.

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